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Patrick Ching Artist Spotlight, Patrick Ching - Hawaii Artist & Nature Environmentalist

1. Hat Fishing with Patrick Ching at Princeville Center

Welcome to Princeville Center. Princeville Center is the north shore’s premiere gathering place. Nestled between the lush sea-cliffs of Kaua’i’s north...

2. Splatter Party at Princeville Center

Splatter Party will be held at Princeville Center March 17th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm

3. Patrick Ching Paints "The Pool" / Kai Art Show

A timelapse of Patrick Ching's painting 'The Pool.' Patrick discusses his upcoming show 'Kai' where he continuously works on 10 different paintings in...

4. Art in Paradise - Mazzarella, Nature Artist

Mazzarella talks with Patrick Ching in the Mazzarella Art Gallery at the Kinipopo Shopping Center in Wailua next to Monico's Mexican restaurant.

5. Art in Paradise - Fanny Bilodeau, Chicken Painter

Bagawk! Chicken painter Fanny Bilodeau discusses her chicken paintings with Patrick Ching. "In the galleries when people are walking around, you can hear...

6. Art in Paradise - Curtis Cabral, Hanalei Muralist

Kauai muralist Curtis Cabral has painted all of the murals in Hanalei. "I took a couple of classes and the art instructor, after the second day in class,...

7. Patrick Ching's Painting Nature DVD

Patrick Ching's Painting Nature DVD

8. Painting Party

Tahiti Nui's first painting party, held Nov. 18th, 2011.

9. Patrick Ching Art Tip - Painting Skies

"There's so many lessons in the Hawaiian sky. As a sky gets higher, they get darker and more red or more purple. As the sky gets lower, you can add a little...

10. Patrick Ching Artist Spotlight

Hawaii artist Patrick Ching, discusses his life, his artwork, and his approach to teaching painting. Patrick Ching's art is available at Naturally Hawaiian...

11. Patrick Ching Art Tip - Hawaii Color Palette

The Hawaiian color palette is different than those used in other parts of the country. "People bring the colors of their homeland to Hawaii when painting...

12. Patrick Ching Art Tip - Painting Oceans & Water

Painting realistic-looking oceans take skill. "When painting oceans, I like to paint what's underneath first and what's on top last." "The colors of the...

13. Patrick Ching Art Tip - Creating Depth

Creating a sense of depth can be a challenge for artists. "To create distance, I often use mountains." "The further away a mountain is, the more of this...

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