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Doug & Sandy McMaster, Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele

1. Jim "Kimo" West plays "Kohala No"

Kimo plays 'Kohala No,' an original composition.

2. Kirk Smart - Lesson 2 - Strumming Patterns

Kirk Smart discusses strumming patterns for the ukulele.

3. Kirk Smart - Lesson 3 - Scales

Kirk Smart discusses scales on the ukulele.

4. Kirk Smart - Lesson 4 - Blues Form

Kirk Smart discusses a chord chart & the blues form on the ukulele.

5. Kirk Smart - Lesson 5 - Pentatonic Scales

Kirk Smart discusses pentatonic scales on the ukulele.

6. Kirk Smart - Lesson 6 - Harmony & Theory

Kirk Smart discusses harmony & theory on the ukulele.

7. Kirk Smart - Lesson 1 - 4 Chords

Kirk Smart discusses the four most important chords on the ukulele.

8. Kirk Smart & Eli Smart play "Sleep Walk"

Kirk Smart & Eli Smart play 'Sleep Walk.'

9. Paul Togioka Plays "Molokai Mule Ride"

Paul Togioka plays "Molokai Mule Ride."

10. Paul Togioka Plays "My Yellow Ginger Lei"

Paul Togioka plays "My Yellow Ginger Lei" and "Kuuipo Onaona" in a medley.

11. Paul Togioka Plays "The Journey Home"

Paul Togioka plays "The Journey Home."

12. Paul Togioka, Slack-Key Guitarist - More Interview

Paul Togioka discusses his experience at the Grammys.

13. Paul Togioka, Slack-Key Guitarist

Paul Togioka talks about moments of inspirations and the genesis of his music. He plays two songs, "Molokai Mule Ride" and "The Journey Home."

14. Doug & Sandy McMaster, Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele

"Doug's been playing slack key since he was very young. He was six years old when he mail ordered his first guitar, a little Roy Rogers and Trigger guitar,...

15. Chad Deal Piano Concert

Chad Deal plays "Wendy's Rainbow" at The St. Regis Resort in Princeville, HI

20. Jim "Kimo" West, Slack Key Guitarist

Kimo talks about his history with slack key guitar and plays the song 'Aloha Kauai.'

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